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One tourist of American was endured in ceremony of German travel Nazi beat still meet with police investigation

Tourist of an United States is in Germany heart

of city of the eastpart part is tired this hall of a coffee is dilettante Nazi ceremony, the result beats up not only by the person, still suffer German police investigation because of violating German law.

Will report on August 13 according廊坊木模板 to associated press, local time on August 12 in the morning 8:15, a建筑项目模板KP man of stoned United States leaves heart is tired this city Nuo Yi uses tower special zone when a cafeteria that the name is Europe, extend sword arm to make the gesture that上海建筑模板公司 greets to Nazi. A passerby sees shape beats up him one bl

ast, s建筑模板规格及尺寸ubsequently swagger off.

Police says, tourist of this United States is 41 years old, he is drunk when the accident, look there is flesh wound on predecessor. German law proclaimed in writing prohibits sa新型建筑模板机THluting, tourist of this United States is accepting investigation because of violating this one law, at the same time police also is searching for the passerby that mauls this tourist.

Nazi salute gesticulation is to show sword arm is erect, a little uptilt, the centre of the palm is down. After the Second World War, germany denied a variety of practices of Nazi massacre, and public proclamation prohibits ceremony of people travel Nazi. If violate regulation of this one legislation, people will be sentenced hig

hest 3 years of set term of imprisonments, normally nevertheless the c聚星木业有限公司ircumstance falls, forensic regular meeting is in with fine.

Not come singly but in pairs, on August 5 because two China tourist is in Nazi salutes before German Berlin Capitol and t工程施工模板GSake a picture each other and be arrested, his pay makes an appointment with 2 people 600 dollars (add up to a RMB about 3997 yuan) after fine, be able to mix finally other visitor goes back to the motherland together inside viatic group. In addition, 2011 a Canadian tourist of 30 years old also because be in Berlin Capitol is dilettante Nazi ceremony and be arrested and be fined. (Sun Renan)

Original title: One to建筑模板供应厂家LKurist o建筑用模板价格AQf American endured in ceremony of German travel Nazi beat still edit by po咬合桩导墙模板出租lice investigation responsibility: Ceng Shaolin

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