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Russian court produces pop event: 5 crime suspect is raided alarm 3 are shot dead

Login register court of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to produce pop event: Is 5 crime sus德州建筑模板公司pect raided alarm: of 3 origin that be shot dead? Salary  ?2017-08-02 10:37 Http://www.mnw.cn建筑工地模板作用KA/

Accident scene.

Xinhua News Agency is Muscovite on August 1附近批发模板BH report (flute of reporter Wang Chen) according to R

ussia countryman message 简易施工方案模板AMof close Wei Jun, the Muscovite state court of city northwest ministry will produce Russia Moscow on August 1 piece alarm incident, cause 8 people casualty.

According to Russia news agency reports now, 5 suspects of gang of a crime were accepted to rule to Muscovite state court by send under escort that day, after reaching a court, these a few suspects launch attack suddenly to the policeman beside, the weapon that seize建筑模板费用报价AJs them shoots to guard. In fighting, 3 crime suspect is shot dead, the others 2 people are injured.

Luo Wa says Peter of spokesman of news of total bureau of ministry of Muscovite city internal affairs, 3 policemans get hurt in fight.

Current, the person that hurt has been sent toward the hospital to accept treatment, insensate danger. Muscovite s高唐县天奇木业有限公司tate court has restored routine, but do not allow optional discrepancy.

The message says, this crime gang ever made a series of murder cases in Muscovite suburb, the victim reachs 17 people.

Original title: State court produces Russia Moscow piece alarm incident sends editor of responsibility of 8 per木胶板BZson casualty: Read related工程报价模板BD Ceng Shaolin: 7 a period of ten days

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