Red crescent meets: About 900 Palestinians are in cling to with get hurt in conflict

In report will occupy new network on July 24 coverage of Russia satellite network, red crescent meets a representing say, many 120 Palestinian gets hurt in the conflict of as secure as Israel armed for高

层建筑模板价格BWces, conflict will be mixed in Jerusalem聚星木业有限公司 on July 23 Jordan on th

e west bank proceed, the crisis has 900 Palestinians to get hurt about in all inside 10 days.

It is reported, the Palestinian protests Israel is in point of entry of hill of Jerusalem Temple of God to install metallic detector, hill of Temple of God is considered as Mohammedan ground of the 3r

d mahatma.

Say according to this delegate: 126 people get hurt today, among them 21 pe山东省费县山德建筑模板厂ople are in Jerusalem.

Say according 模板批发建筑ACto its, conflict happens at Je建筑用铝模板多少钱EFrusalem Arab near area and old city city wall, moslem already undertook the street of a week pray here, they reject to explor建筑工法样板厂家e casing to enter Akesa through the me海子木业有限公司tal mosque and r河北建筑模板公司ock dome mosque.

The Palestinian says to install metallic detector and the right that carry out the enroa北京建筑模板公司ch on that be being checked in turn建筑模板厂家直销RF is pair of emperor temples and intentional limitation Moslem.

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