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3 universities obtain England the government is aided financially will drive 5G to check network construction

London of Xinhua News Agency on July 7 report (re建筑模板厂家价格表ADporter Zhang Jiawei) institute of king of British London university releases a message 7 days to say, this school and additionally two universities already obtained British government to aid financially, propose c建筑模板供应厂家LKooperative form a mobile of omnibus the Five Dynasties (5G) c

hecks a network.

Besides kingly institute, additionally two universities are the university in Sa and Bulisituoer respectively university. These 3 universities have an advantage each on 5G technology research and development, because this England government will move 16 million pound (about 20.62 million dollar) support them to develop relevant technology to develop a test, commercialize operation in order to quicken investment of this one technology.

Introduce according to British government, these 3 universities can b中空建筑模板JDuild miniature 5G 山东大发木业有限公司shift network, rise them to be able to form an omnibus test network jointly. 3 universities also are met the actual application that be developed according to the different technique advantage of oneself and checks 5G. For instance, kingly institute is in low wh天津建筑模板公司en the technology of respect of 5G touch Internet that delay is accumulated deeper, advance the focal point the research and development of this respect; The fundamental technology of 5G of main focusing develops the university in Sa.

Network of th保定建筑模板公司is one test is the one part that British government tests platform and test project about 5G, the target of a near future of the project is to be at the beginning of 2018 the end that begins 5G transmits an experiment to end, send signal to reach center of a data from the mobile equipm

ent such as the mobile phone n

amely, transmit signal again next an equipment, check 5G technology to be behaved in the function in real environment thereby.

建筑工程模板Te Hancock says horse of secretary of state of British digitlization development, 供应建筑模板england hopes to keep banner in 5G domain, this capital will be used at supporting research of forward position sex, can develop the latent capacity of 5G technology in or建筑公司红头文件模板der to ensure, s建筑工程模板厂timulate innovation.

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