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Conference of president of the 2nd Home Ou Yaguo is in an Er hold

[Wei Yue of reporter of round-the-world network coverage] the conference passes the president of the 2nd Home Ou Yaguo that Han湖南建筑模板公司 E龙鼎木业有限公司ge does to begin economy from trade agreement collaboration reachs c建筑模板厂商o


The report will say Han couplet company on June 27, an Er city is in after Korea congress discusses long Ding Shijun and Weiyaqiesilafu Woluojin of Russia country Chairman Du Ma to meet carefree hotel holds a press conference to announce afore-mentioned content jointly. Ding Shijun says, prolocutor can decide to establish the secretariat on the net, strengthen congress of Home Ou Yaguo to cooper建筑模板支撑ate the

development of area of promotional Ou Ya and prosperity.

The congress delegate ginseng that comes from 25 countries of Ou Yaquan condition is met in all business international general affairs is passed ” head Er is enunciative ” , ” enunciative ” the joint prosperity that calls Ou Yaguo the home makes the prosperity that is the world contribution, each country will try hard promotional congress cooperates, 17 when reach U.N. hard can develop a target continuously. ” enunciative ” the importance that points out area unifini卖建筑模板哪里有KYcation develops Ouyade, decide strive for collective progress achieves in a variety of domains such as economy of come-and-go of content shedding, personn工地模板尺寸一般是多少BFel, resource, the sources of energy, number. Each country congress still will pay close attention to and devote oneself to to solve cross a state the problem such as change of the terroristic, violent ultraism, drug trafficking, crime that cross a sta建筑专用模板te, climate, environment, impoverished, imparity, refugee.

Issue a prolocutor to be able to hold the ground to will negotiate a decision by Ding Shijun a中空建筑模板nd Woluojin, woluojin expresses, the first is in Muscovite, th建筑木模板生产厂家CFe 2nd is

in an Er hold, in Europe some country is held the 3rd more appropriat建筑基础工程施工e.

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