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Outside intermediary: China prohibits taking the place of no longer pregnant brings controversy lawyer to say to encroach human rights

Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network建筑施工模板批发 austral Fujian: Does China prohibit taking the place of no longer does pregnant bring controversy lawyer to say to encroach: of human rights origin? Comfort?2015-12-31 10:3 of cang庆泰木业有限公司ue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of什么是模板 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Intermediary says outside, in the applies formally 2 child policy since new year’s day, prohibit taking the place of pregnant clause by cutout, cause bigger dispute.

The Jiang of Shanghai (sound) 3 children that gentleman and mother of American acting pr建筑项目模板egnant are their couple be pregnant with.

According to Korea ” Korea daily ” website on December 30 cite ” China Daily ” 29 days of reports, chinese country defends unripe family planning appoint Zhang Chunsheng of legal department dire建筑用模板ctor expressed that day: Discussing intense discussion spread out among the process. Somebody expresses, if prohibit taking the place of in the round pregnant, a few rich estate may go to the abroad with acting lawful pregnant to bear. Countrywide National People’s Congress expresses on behalf of Sun Xiaomei: Acting pregnant matters to a citizen to bear authority. A professor of Xi Changxue courtyard is in ” bright daily ” print article says: At present Chi求购工程复模板多少钱一块LKnese infecund husband and wife increases ceaselessly, this second act stems from this kind of consideration. The report will say CNN this year in August: The Chinese couple that goes to the United St建筑模板木方ates to seek acting pregnant to serve increases ceaselessly. Some companies even 40% clients are a Chinese. Charge is 130 thousand to 150 thousand dollar.

The report says, as contrary as this, the lawyer 工地模板施工KHof a woman of Beijing expresses: If be in jural do not prohibit taking the place of pregnant, the acting pregnant that already became social issue will one disaster after another. This is the decision that violates human rights.

The singleton 建筑模板多少钱一块AEfemale po蓝带木业有限公司licy that China lasts 35 years is formal and terminative, appeared the advertisement of pregnant of a lot of concerned generation. Company of intermediary of an acting pregnant is hit, give 1 million yuan advertisement, attract rural woman. Young woman lives together in order to be pregnant for conditional ask a price hundred thousands of yuan. Chinese Ministry of Public Health was released 2001 prohibit taking the place of the ministry of pregnant makes, but somebody points out and do not have the effect.

(original title: Outside intermediary: ?  of discharge  brightness Pai ticks off lawyer of? of  of  favour  to say to encroach human rights (graph) )

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