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After one congressman is kidnapped by Taliban, Afghanistan walks 8 hours to escape

According to me河北建筑模板生产基地ssage of special railway建筑模板价格HD line of information of附近哪有哪些建筑模板厂 Chinese of Russian satellite news, afghanistan an assemblyman is kidnapped by Taliban result of 9 hours of epigenesis 唐山建筑模板公司escapes.

This Afghan congr建筑模板施工安装价格SFessman 去哪买建筑模板department that comes from Dai Kongdi to save amounts to gram province to kidnap in made of baked clay Er, the still has an adjacent province public

figure that is kidnapped together. This a临沂开阔模板有限公司ssemblyman says, in was locked up by Taliban after nearly 9 hours, their two people success escapes.

After restricting 建筑模板去哪里买8 hours on foot, t

wo people arrive at recent lookout post, eventually safe.

Nearly a few months come to Afghan condition worsen a工地常用的模板叫什么KJpparently. The Taliban end September is occupational the elder brother with this upper country person city, the Jiacini that浙江建筑模板公司 attacking way of capital Kabul southwest at present saves administrative center to add at present Buddhist nun city.

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