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The whole world pollutes the intermediary outside rank of the most serious city to say Beijing air pollutes Yuan Xun at India

Beautifu建筑工地模板作用KAl intermediary says, although Beijing diffuses because of terrible mist haze day empty and make global news again, but see the air on the world pollute the most serious city list, before people can discover Chinese capital is absent however 20 in.

According to the United States ” the United States signs up for now ” the report will say the website on December 7, according to American standard, the index of average air pollution of Beijing is 53 (according to from 26 to the standard of 208, the particle that mist haze causes in these digi佛山建筑模板公司tal

report air child content) .

The report says, in the city with world the most serious pollution, a lot of cities are in India, among them in heart with 153 tall house head of a list of names posted up. This research report that World Health Organization published 2014 assessed 91 nations the outdoor air of nearly 新松木业有限公司1600 cities pollutes a state.

Through comparing, the index of average air pollution of los angeles is 20, newyork city is 14. The problem of Beijing is, although its are overall average index is not disastrous probably, but whe建筑模板价格AWn mist haze is serious, the situation may be very terrible really, resemble at present, air quality index exceeds 200.

City of global great majority exceeded the standard that guideline of quality of air of World Health Organization sets.

World Health Organization says, onl

y less town accords with the numerical value of guideline of air of World Health Organization in the town that at present the whole world is monitored. These cities often are centered in the country of good水利工程清单控制价模板KA-paying. The city with air the poorest quality is in Dongdezhong is Haitian area and southeast Asia area, after close therewith is latin 华晨木业有限公司america and Africa.


report says, the whole world pollutes the most serious city rank: The first, 工程模板价格DFin Indian heart (153) ; The 2nd, indian Batena (149) ; The 3rd, melon Liao Er of India (144) ; The 4th, er of India bilking cloth (134) ; The 5th, the Kalaji of Pakistan (117) ; The 6th, the Bai Sha of Pakistan is made of baked clay (111) ; The 7th, the Lawaerpin of Pakistan (107) ; The 8th, iranian Huolamabade (102) ; The 9th, indian Aihamaidabade (100) ; The 10th, le K建筑模板零售AKe Nao of India (96) ; Eleventh name, indian Feiluozabade (96) ; Doze广西建筑模板批发厂家价格nth name, of Qatar breath out more (93) ; Thirteenth name, indian Kanpuer (93) ; The 14th, indian Amuli criterion (92) ; The 15th, indian Lu Diyana (91) ; The 16th, osmanli Yi De Jier (90) ; The seventeenth, the accept of Bangladesh pulls Yangganjie (89) ; The 18th, indian Anlaabade (88) ; The 19th, indian Agela (88) ; The 20th, of India agree a全国建筑模板生产基地KDccept (88) .

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