Before Colombia discovers 300 years, heavy boat lades value of money and valuables 2 billion dollar (graph)

Login does before registering Colombia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover 300 years, heavy boat lade value of money and valuables 2 billion dollar (graph) origin: ? Be not 2015-12-07 09:5 of net of annulus of? of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] according to the repor生产建筑模板价格BXt, the person that this boat is mixed to find treasure by the historian calls a whole world heavy boat medium ” grail ” .

Colombia discovers wreckage of carry treasure boat, terminative the historical mystery that is as long as 300山东

大发建筑模板有限公司 years is round, afp says 5 days to inscribe a report with this, the Spanish caique empe建筑模板厂家直销ror that Colombia discovered to 18 centuries sink in Caribbean carries on his shoulder or back on the west date debris, gold, silver and gem are fully loaded with on the boat at that time.

Colombian government is in why does the emperor that Kadahe模板支撑厂家na discovers near coastal waters fill in date debris

Colombian president Sangtuosi announced this one discovery 5 days, this is the discovery on human history is the most valuable treasure, this bequest belongs to all Colombians. H全国建筑模板生产基地KDe still says, will sink in the distance the museum that the city of accept of conspicuous blocking a tower with the closest boat builds to show this heavy boat jewelry. According to the report, the person that this boat is mixed to find treasure by the historian calls a whole world the grail in heavy boat, the value of money and valuables that its lade restrains 2 billion dollar.

1708, ac

cede in Spanish kingship during the war, holy carry on one’s shoulder is on the west in the collect Sa of Caribbean abstruse archipelago maritime space by British w大模板尺寸标准arship bombard and sink, this boat is the main force that to general of benefit of Spanish king humble from Spanish America colony 5 worlds carry money and valuables, more than 600 sailor is shared on the boat, person of only and few number is lucky flee for one’s life.

Be in early 1981, the company of sea search fleet that headquarters is located in the United States alleges the sunken maritime space that already discovered this boat, this company and collaboration of elder brother government are opposite after this its undertake exploration. According to Colombian law, the government can discover the archaeology of 50% less than a company that makes work to participate in archaeology and orgnaization. According to BBC report, original both sides talks things over, the both sides after finding heavy boat enjoys cent advantage. But after this of elder brother government alleges, this are heavy the boat belongs to Colombia completely. Accordingly, emperor carries on his shoulder or back the droit of date is immersed in long-term legal issue on the west. 2011, court of an United States rules this are heavy finally the boat puts in elder brother ‘s charge square all. Colombia passed a law 2013, prohibit in order to protect culture for inheritance the glom on t

o of heavy boat goods that any illicit look forward to will discover inside its maritime space.

Carry on his shoulder or back as emperor date is discovered on the west, media guesses its are a生产建筑模板价格ttributive in succession authority will cause controversy. Outside removing the company of fleet of American sea search that enlists exploration, spain raises a requirement likely also to heavy boat. 工程木模板AJBefore this, spanish government ever was opposite certain the fortune of heavy boat raises a requirement. 2012, one court of American ever adjudicated expeditionary company needs American Odyssey ocean to sink a Spain 17 tons of gem that salvage in the boat remand Spain.

(original title: The boat sinks before Colombia discovers 300 years or be faced with the Three Kingdoms that seize tr保兴木业有限公司easure to kill)

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