Parisian horror raids percussion to give birth to time: Late on November 13, 2015 (graph)

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Local time on November 13, french Paris downtown produces pop explosion event many cases, up to distribute news dispatches, already 153 people die, even more 200 people are injured, among them 80 people hurt feeling serious.

Parisian horror raids percussion to give birth to time: Controlled 9:45 in the evening local time about, the popular ba

r with numerous crowd and cafeteria came out pop message. Before long, the football ground also produces explosive event, french pr工地模板尺寸一般是多少BFesident Aolangde is attendant also at that time the football game between view view country and Germany, leave quickly below the convoy of suite finally. Be the same as for a short while, the audience of happy hall of Ba Dake Lan Yin mows with gun branch by charger, hold sb under duress.

The graph holds a gun in guard for French president Aolangde one place explosion arrives to assault the spot below protection.

That evening, 7 different ground nod Paris incident of almost coinstantaneous horrible assault,建筑施工模板安全技术规范 the flange that includes to having the competition among them Xi Daqiu field and the Badakelan that having spot sh

ow the theater. After incident happening, immediately of French president Ao Langde announces French whole nation enters urgent state.

In casualties circumstance the most serious Badakelan odeum富鹏木业有限公司, the昆明建筑模板公司 concert is being conducted when assault happening, this odeum can hold 1500 people. According to France broadcast reporter Julien Pearce expresses, two a fam大型模板工程HFous player hold two AK-47, men that wear black clothes海子木业代理 to enter Badakelan at that time after the theater, begin to mow. After wounded person falls on the ground, these two men still use the means of condemn, fill again on one gun, the life of the person that the end is hurt.

According to ” European times ” , before dawn 0:8, france installs whole group to launch assault to odeum; The band of Die Eagles Of Death Metal that had a show in odeu建筑模板厂家价格表ADm 0:22 has withdrawn; 00:30 the left and right sides, of police special alarm the team is entered will cruel fear an element shooting dead. The graph is the Badakelan that be walked out of by the hostage of rescue theater.

Say according to French media, additionally two terrorist are in flange on the west assault of suicidal sex explosion was carried out outside stadium, at least has explosion 3 times. Suicidal charger makes explode among them, scamper died 5 to 10 people, scamper injures ten people.

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