Germany admits up to now still to close Nazi army veteran pay pension

According to England ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” will report on November 全州模板TR5, the Spanish blue division that German government stil建筑模板多少钱一块l is supporting Nazi political power to the middle of World War II is veteran pay pension. Blue division is dictator of the Spain when pointing to the Second World War dispatch assists Folanggepa the army of German Nazi.

The report says, xiang La lubricious division is veteran government and confederative Germany建筑模板的价格 are in Folangge t九连环木业o was signed 1962 the agreement that pays pension, berlin still is fulfilling this agreement. Folangge ever encoura建筑工程模板KYged Spanish volunteer and Xitele to combine antagonism Russia大邱木业有限公司 Red Army.工程模板多少钱一张ED

Left-wing party assemblyman installs Germany heart intense at this point

the problem is interrogatory government. In the written reply that makes to Andre, government of silent gram Er admits current government still is in the pension that relative of the person that reach warlike die to the su

rvival of blue division pays about 107 t

housand euro every year, include 41 blue division among them 8 veteran, widow and an orphan.

Andre says: After World War II ends 70 years today, germany still is in every year unexpectedl大模板尺寸标准APy the pension that pays more than 100 thousand euro to Nazi partner, it is scandal really. Per建筑模板价格厂家iod of World War II, those Spanish soldiers join German fascist of one’s江苏模板批发 own accord. Letting what I indissoluble is, at present still victim of a lot of World War II did not receive due compensation, and Germany is insisting to pay pension to Nazi partner however.

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