Photograph of data of Ni of Li of graph of younger sister of Indonesian the most beautiful breakfast explodes gas of red later generations glides (graph)

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In new network report will report 14 days according to central company on October 14, indonesian media contended for Ni of Li of graph of younger sister of breakfast of crossover of photograph report Jaka雨花石木业有限公司rta a few days ago, let her explode overnight red, turn to become actor or artist all right. Nevertheless, explode red agitation is difficult abiding, energy of life of person of graph Li Ni glides, enter hard from road knowing a bit, consideration regain ca施工模板pital goes.

Younger sister of Indonesian the most beautiful breakfast

Younger sister of Indonesian the most beautiful breakfast

Younger sister of Indonesian the most beautiful breakfast

Each big TV station, planar media contended for Jakarta place to pull highway of Su Na Zaire a few days ago (on the one place crossover of Rasuna Said) , for the sake of interviewing Jakarta most Ni of Li of graph of breakfast younger sister (Turinih) .

Graph Li中空建筑模板JD Ni and elder sister traffic cassava cake, coconut cake to wait for a long time of Indonesian tradition breakfast on crossover. Facial features of graph Li Ni is abstruse, appearance Qing Li, short time already razziaed Indone

sia each media layout.

She ever expressed before, her dream goes to China quickly namely Taiwan works, commission is helped 3 years in Taiwan before her elder sister, she knows the pay that works in Taiwan is very good, can help her improve the economy in the home.

Nevertheless, in media puissant report falls, a lot of place TV stations look for graph Li Ni to hold the position of guest in succession, enter put together art and conversational sex program, the breakfast younger sister on the program dresses up meti建筑模板批发市场AUculously through making an unit, reincarnate for announce actor.

She also is mixed and autograph of recreational broker company is made an appointment with, accept sing thick and fast reach performance training, rolled out work of individual only music to break off a leg 3 times eventually a few days ago, puissant on media and network send out.

Regrettablly network agitation will quickly also go quickly, the work of graph Li Ni did not win broad ring, also see she has new work to roll out no longer later.

Graph Li Ni expresses to local media, during awaiting only music to appear on the market, she did not receive the job of other. Herself evaluates her to explode on the network red person energy of life won’t last too long, so she also has a plan additionally for her future.

She says, if do not have advertisement, TV program to requ建筑模板厂THest agreement sentence next山东大发木业有限公司, to maintain bread, her plan opens breakfast store, not be to resemble crouching in roadside to sell breakfast euqally before, own the breakfast store that belongs to oneself however.

In addition, she also wants to finish she when not unexpectedly dream, continue enter a higher school, become a doctor.

(Original title: Younger sister of Indonesian the most beautiful breakfast explodes red hind astral way is hard desire regain capital goes (graph) )

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