Pu Jingxiang sees appraise churchyard air attack: American refus provides IS action cause

Will rise on September 30, the Mohammedan country that Russia begins pair of Syria churchyard (ISIS) executive air strike. Up to now, russia spreads out air attack to act to still be less than two weeks to Mohammedan country, had earned however sufficient the eyeball of the world, also obtained the positive result of plentiful and substantial. On October 7, russia employed 4 Caspian battleship to fire 26 new-style cruise missile, right far in 11 besides 1500 kilometers Mohammedan countries the target carries out accurate blow. To this, syria is stationed in Russia ambassador Liyadehadade to express, russian army is Mohammedan to appraise churchyard the blow action of the target obtains the country effect, only a week blows up this organization to make an appointment with the infrastructure of 40% , and the air attack effect of the United States and its ally is inferior by comparison.

Do not hit battle off hand

A variety of successes of air attack, this action of indication Russia is by no means temporarily actuation. All is in the action that counteracts the ground for nothing is not initiative behavior, carrying out however a series of early the plan that has made. Recently, be in Russia of Russia gov施工工程建筑模板ernment media in the special interview of the first channel, presidential general Beijing gave out oneself proof.

In fact, the air attack of Russia can say is to be not hit battle off hand, be in especially information collect respect, the information network of empty sky an organic whole produced main effect.

General Beijing expresses in interview, we took step ahead of schedule, include to center the capital of adequate measure, force and ammo in the place of need and time. We had long spy in aerospace and sky, contrasted different information. Of the expert of the headquarters of the General Staff and Bagdad information center (western country) companionate people, also undertook harmony.

Through a series of crossing the country cooperates, to the condition of Syrian churchyard, russia had mastered enough information. Accordingl

y, all is in the action that counteracts the ground for nothing is not initiative behavior, carrying out however a series of early the plan that has made. General Beijing em工地建筑模板KUphasizes.

In the special interview, general Beijing also stressed the position of Russia again: Russia is in main task of Syria is to stabilize the legitimate political power of this country, create a condition to find political compromise. In the meantime, affirmatory also Russia won’t have general capital ground attack, the deadline that its military affairs acts also won’t exceed Syria the aggression

time of governmental army.

Western associate jealousy over cooperate

Be in Russia early strong 1 year when join many before, of American dominant turn over Mohammedan country to already began to carry out air attack to act early federally. I want to remind you watchful is, before we begin the operation, already 11 countries were participated in such, all sorts of blow that are aimed at Syrian area in that way, and duration has exceeded 1 year. General Beijing emphasized this technically in the special interview.

Nevertheless, multilateral alliance because apiration is differ between ally, also do not wish to expedite ground armed forces, effect is not so apparent. After Russia joins war situation, the west 新型建筑模板机is companionate people did not share in informatio大模板尺寸标准APn not only go up to support with all one’s strength, the motive to Russia also is doubt hea长宁木业有限公司vily.

About 建筑模板的价格our intent, and our plan, the associate that we told us beforehand people: Include American associate, and the associate of a lot of other countries, to the west does not deserve companionately to close, general Beijing also expressed his regret in interview: Someone says, our all these is done too late. But what I want to remind you is, never anybody, inform their action to plan to us ahead of schedule in any moment.

Reject to provide the action cause of Mohammedan country to Russia to the United States, general Beijing also expresses very do not understand.

We said to ask (of Mohammedan country) the target tells us. (they) refused. (they) say: We have the collaboration of this kind of level impossibly. (I) do not understand why, if they understand a situation more really, also want to organize the word of the fight with horror really.

Before a week, the United States ever润茂轩木业有限公司 still undertook criticism publicly to the action of Russia. Qiaosheneniesite of spokesman of the White House expresses, if Russia is mere and dedicated at antagonism the word of Mohammedan country, in the 建筑多层模板哪里买KQalliance that it should join American place to lead. And general Beijing is interviewing in however the measure for measure points out: The simplest method, join our force directly namely, the action legalization that is in oneself Syrian area thereby. Because if we are had,come from the accredit of official government, so the simplest (method) join us directly namely. Regretful nevertheless is新型 建筑模板价格多少GS, we are temporary not the associate with us people negotiate, but we also won’t abandon hoping.

Beautiful intermediary: Emersion of car official war?

Nevertheless, although general Beijing is right,the air attac生产建筑模板价格BXk that Russia launchs to Mohammedan country had simple explanation, wont criticized the western media of Russian square policy to still give out to be unscrambled negatively.

The United States ” Washington Post ” the operation of capital of general of a comment general in Syria and in those days warlike photograph compares Che Chen. The article points out, look in Russia: Car official war is to fear an outstanding and distinctive case instead. Russia premier Demitelimeideweijiefuru is one of calling card that evaluating the Che Chenzheng now is Russia.

The article thinks, in those days the mode that Russia gains a victory in Che Chen

is will all the opposition that shows political power is defined no matter whether are they concerned with Mohammedan extreme element,be terrorist achieve the goal that kills all politics mate thereby. This is nowadays the chief source that Russia acts in Syria. In today’s Syria, gentle and lay opposition force already more and more find hard.

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