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[the practice of soya-bean milk of soya bean banana] how does _ of _ tie-in banana make -

Fabaceous paddle is a lot of people arrive have a meal time is the drink of a kind of nutrition that pick, the key because fabaceous paddle basically is to apply soja to make go out, accordingly can all-around place of compensatory human body wants nutrient part. And in the light of the lady character often the means of drinkable soya-bean milk still is helpful for place of compensatory human body needing estrogen. In make it is OK to be returned below the circumstance of fabaceous paddle add banana apple according to his mouthfeel, make paddle of beans of apple of banana of make it soja, learn together now groom the practice of soya-bean milk of soja banana apple. The effect of banana apple and soy soya-bean milkC 建筑模板ontain a vitamin, embellish bo新型建筑模板价格多少BNwel clear bowel discharges 工程模板多少钱一张poison: Soya bean soya-bean milk contains vitamin B2, the means of much more drinkable soya-bean milk can give you more and more more good-looking, still be helpful for maintaining the health of body and mind of the skin and beautiful hair addi建筑工地用模板AXtionally, vitamin E drives basal metabolis, soya bean matchs carbohydrate body to make free of bright and clean, defecate arranges alvine antrum surface layer. Besides, soya bean is low get together candy is not digested to absorb by the stomach can send to intestines continuously, assist intestines and stomach of active of Bifeide bacterium. Banana apple is the advantageous and fresh fruit of amylaceous rich and colorful, its body contains varied nutrition element and vitaminic, drive human body basal metabolis, give body endotoxin. Reduce cholesterol: Bowel of embellish of hot detoxify of banana apple Qing Dynasty is aperient, drive peristalsis of intestines and stomach, stabilize serum element. Soya bean albumen and phosphor of soya bean egg are contained to pledge in fabaceous paddle, can reduce eduction to come cholesterol, still can make blood crystal, carry good metabolic case. The fundamental of law of banana apple and s[......]

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[the souse method scale of sweet-and-sour garlic] _ how - of practice of souse _ the daily life of a family

Candy glacial acetic acid is begin garlic bloat be soiled, bloat be soiled is put into candy and vinegar in the process completely, the garlic that does in that way eats a sweet and goluptious, suffer major person love, how much is what sweet-and-sour garlic puts into dressing in the process that make mus 建筑模板t according to is occupied than, the sugar that puts for example can have been caused too much sweet, put vinegar can cause garlic to eat a again too much too acerbity, take the sweet-and-sour garlic taste that goes than making appropriately more sterling, below will learn groom o腹膜板厂家THf sweet-and-sour garlic bloat be soiled means and occupy than. The simplest way of sweet-and-sour garlicRaw material: ? Salt of scepter?00 gram, edible is 10 grams, old brown sugar vinegar of 18 grams, cereal candy of 70 grams, man-made 25 grams. Practice: ? False bine 高层模板of centimeter of? of perch of boat of  of Deng of instrument of  Xi デ . Clean garlic, drop goes water portion. In putting garlic into the crock, put to spill a salt, outfit reach half crocks, turn on the water again. Daily early in drink water of garlic, salt, salt another late advocate crock, and use water of the salt in the crock spray advocate crock garlic, all made moisture bloat fully. Scoop up the garlic that has bloated air, daily air is basked in. In installing the salty garlic of airing into empty crock, hold an in part only, leave a half to prepare solution ahead of schedule. Burn vinegar, add mix into of old brown sugar again, use sugar of a few man-made of boiled water melt additionally, subsequently mix into adds candy cruel juice in. Receive the aqueous solution that has chosen garlic advocate the crock begins bubble dip, advocate the crock puts thin bamboo strip of a crisscross bamboo, avoid garlic cubage splash to go临沂彬国建筑模板厂 up, break through crock mouth. Go up with paste of mouth of crock of general of tough paper made from bast fibber of the paper mulberry, the blood of reoccupy pig mo[......]

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