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[enteritis can eat persimmon     ] _ of _ bowel agnail can eat -

Enteritis gives a patient pain of daily life generation, enteritis wants usually advertent at ordinary times food is tie-in, enteritis vest in is chronic disease, rely on dietotherapy can slowly improve, eat bowel of stomach of a few care and maintenance usually feed capable person, do not eat iciness, toward the thing with day excitant any of several hot spice plants, can have a few taste weak, digest very easily absorb feed capable person, for example millet congee, all sorts of vegetable, need not eat solid stodgy absorb feed capa出售建筑模板ACble person, persimmon cake is a kind of relatively delicious fruit, can enteritis eat persimmon? Receive go down we look. One. Can enteritis eat persimmon? The soft white sugar that persimmon cake contains rich and colorful, dextrose, dextrose, albumen, Hu Luobo element, vitaminic C, calcic, phosphor. Persimmon cake contains Arabia gum, it is the prandial cellulose of a kind of Shui Rong, have accelerate digestive effect admirably, in the light of correct constipation, maintain intestines and stomach all normal and beneficial bacterium grow development have first-rate effect. But enteritis patient should be not fed more. To acute enteritis patient, rest except the attention and outside active to sending disease reason active cure, in food tie-in level should be used digest easily, little proper, nutrition eats excitant, damp and hot richly, less the standard of much food and portion of measurable and compensatory water. 2. Enteritis early daysIt is haematoma of subacute of intestines and stomach, oedema, inflammation is mixed outsid山东大州建筑模板有限公司e the link of ooze, at this moment gastric bowel function is active gender or at muscle contraction circumstance, its digest action relatively weak, accordingly, inside 12 hour of the 8 ~ after coming on, the patient can eat spoon meat, wait like lotus root starch of millet congee, lotus, vermicelli. If diarrhoea is compared serious or perspiration is more, still drink a few nourishing bo[......]

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[flesh of braise in soy sauce uses high-pressured boiler a few minutes] how does the _ of _ pressure cooker that make make -

Chop of braise in soy sauce is a general the daily life of a family small fry, chop of braise in soy sauce eats a is fat and not mouth of be bored with, taste soft glutinous, flavour it is very delicate and goluptious, in chop of common braise in soy sauce it is very hot, chop of braise in soy sauce falls in made circumstance, different area, course of action also is to be able to appear a few differences, chop of braise in soy sauce can be stewed with a lot of boiler, but pressure cooker makes pork of braise in soy sauce is commonly more of the save labour when the province, below the circumstance that pressure cooker of reoccupy of chop of braise in soy sauce stews, use pressure cooker to press more than 10 minutes commonly? Does chop of braise in soy sauce use pressure cooker more than 10 minutes? Live pig flesh probably 13 minutes of Zuo (old boy pork adds 45 minutes) flesh of; flocks and herds probably 20 minutes (flesh of old flocks and herds adds 45 minutes) after be being pressed with pressure Bao, do not forget receive makings juice (the open after pressure Bao discharge is pressed builds) , in t工地模板生产WDhat way dish does ability to have peculiar smell oh. Chop of braise in soy sauce uses what meatBurn chop of braise in soy sauce commonly (had better use) of good steaky pork, add bit of oil first, hot, put the meat, fire is fried work to water, add brandy, 500-750 gram 建筑模板 flesh adds the lid outside 3/4-1 () of brandy bottle stopper, fry dry, add soy again - unripe smoke soy, add water subsequently, embezzle flesh, big baked wheaten cake leaves, change low baking temperature, the water in maintaining pot seems the case that is not, till you felt to rot ability goes, fire stops dry water, add pepper a few chicken essence, OK. Proposal: Have time, Zuo is to use fry boiler to b建筑模板模板价格urn, hold very easily ripe degree. Pressure cooker: After be discouraged, change slow fire, 10-15-20 minute, the tender, Laoshui that inspects the flesh is smooth. Course[......]

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