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[enteritis can eat persimmon     ] _ of _ bowel agnail can eat -

Enteritis gives a patient pain of daily life generation, enteritis wants usually advertent at ordinary times food is tie-in, enteritis vest in is chronic disease, rely on dietotherapy can slowly improve, eat bowel of stomach of a few care and maintenance usually feed capable person, do not eat iciness, toward the thing with day excitant any of several hot spice plants, can have a few taste weak, digest very easily absorb feed capable person, for example millet congee, all sorts of vegetable, need not eat solid stodgy absorb feed capa出售建筑模板ACble person, persimmon cake is a kind of relatively delicious fruit, can enteritis eat persimmon? Receive go down we look. One. Can enteritis eat persimmon? The soft white sugar that persimmon cake contains rich and colorful, dextrose, dextrose, albumen, Hu Luobo element, vitaminic C, calcic, phosphor. Persimmon cake contains Arabia gum, it is the prandial cellulose of a kind of Shui Rong, have accelerate digestive effect admirably, in the light of correct constipation, maintain intestines and stomach all normal and beneficial bacterium grow development have first-rate effect. But enteritis patient should be not fed more. To acute enteritis patient, rest except the attention and outside active to sending disease reason active cure, in food tie-in level should be used digest easily, little proper, nutrition eats excitant, damp and hot richly, less the standard of much food and portion of measurable and compensatory water. 2. Enteritis early daysIt is haematoma of subacute of intestines and stomach, oedema, inflammation is mixed outsid山东大州建筑模板有限公司e the link of ooze, at this moment gastric bowel function is active gender or at muscle contraction circumstance, its digest action relatively weak, accordingly, inside 12 hour of the 8 ~ after coming on, the patient can eat spoon meat, wait like lotus root starch of millet congee, lotus, vermicelli. If diarrhoea is compared serious or perspiration is more, still drink a few nourishing bo[......]

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[the practice of soya-bean milk of soya bean banana] how does _ of _ tie-in banana make -

Fabaceous paddle is a lot of people arrive have a meal time is the drink of a kind of nutrition that pick, the key because fabaceous paddle basically is to apply soja to make go out, accordingly can all-around place of compensatory human body wants nutrient part. And in the light of the lady character often the means of drinkable soya-bean milk still is helpful for place of compensatory human body needing estrogen. In make it is OK to be returned below the circumstance of fabaceous paddle add banana apple according to his mouthfeel, make paddle of beans of apple of banana of make it soja, learn together now groom the practice of soya-bean milk of soja banana apple. The effect of banana apple and soy soya-bean milkC 建筑模板ontain a vitamin, embellish bo新型建筑模板价格多少BNwel clear bowel discharges 工程模板多少钱一张poison: Soya bean soya-bean milk contains vitamin B2, the means of much more drinkable soya-bean milk can give you more and more more good-looking, still be helpful for maintaining the health of body and mind of the skin and beautiful hair addi建筑工地用模板AXtionally, vitamin E drives basal metabolis, soya bean matchs carbohydrate body to make free of bright and clean, defecate arranges alvine antrum surface layer. Besides, soya bean is low get together candy is not digested to absorb by the stomach can send to intestines continuously, assist intestines and stomach of active of Bifeide bacterium. Banana apple is the advantageous and fresh fruit of amylaceous rich and colorful, its body contains varied nutrition element and vitaminic, drive human body basal metabolis, give body endotoxin. Reduce cholesterol: Bowel of embellish of hot detoxify of banana apple Qing Dynasty is aperient, drive peristalsis of intestines and stomach, stabilize serum element. Soya bean albumen and phosphor of soya bean egg are contained to pledge in fabaceous paddle, can reduce eduction to come cholesterol, still can make blood crystal, carry good metabolic case. The fundamental of law of banana apple and s[......]

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